Why Date A Sugar Daddy? A Happy Couple Answer Your Questions

Why Sugar Daddy Dating Works

We are a happy couple who met via the sugar daddy dating scene, and want to share the many reasons that others can find happiness and fulfillment in this type of relationship. Popular media has painted a mercenary picture of this type of relationship, and demonizes it, and here we seek to paint you a truer picture and show why sugar daddy dating is beneficial, and as valid as any other style of dating.

Older men, especially those who have enjoyed success and wealth, are very discerning about what they seek in a woman. They are prepared to pay for all the best that life has to offer and this extends to companions. Powerful men, especially, often expect discretion and generosity ensures this, not least by reducing stress and thus meaning less arguing. Financial worries are the biggest relationship killer and obviously, with this not a concern for a sugar daddy, dating them is much more enjoyable as both people can focus on pleasure without limitations. By dating a sugar daddy, a young woman has a unique opportunity to enjoy her life and youth, and explore things which would otherwise be out of reach to her if she was struggling financially in the socially-accepted way. She can enjoy learning about art, culture and the art of companionship, honing their personality, mind and of course taking care of her body.. all things beyond the reach in both time and money of girls who are busy working to survive. With an older man, a young woman can enjoy his maturity and confidence, and well not feel frustrated in the way she will dating a guy her own age, who tend to mature more slowly than women.

Sex is of course a huge factor: older men rarely find women their age who can please them, as once menopause hits women lose interest in both their sexuality and their appearance, with men being visually oriented in love, and virile even up into their 80s/90s, this is a recipe for disaster... unless he can attract a young woman who he finds both visually and sexually compatible with him. Sex is incredibly important to men and something any of them will pay top dollar for, with the right girl.. so ladies, why struggle.. really?

Soraya(23) & Benjamin(51)

Best Sugar Daddy Websites

#1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site – Millionaire-Match

This is the sugar daddy website where Soraya and Benjamin met! Both agree that Millionaire-Match has a fun, flirty and informal atmosphere that supports connecting on an intimate level, so you can meet the right person for you, and connect on things that make you unique as a person.. for when you want fun, luxurious dates that may lead to something deeper for you both. This is a star among rich men dating sites, particularly as it has a matching system that brings you the matches you are likely to share chemistry with, as well as being of the same mindset with about money and physical needs. Soraya and Benjamin clicked right away, although they didn’t begin to date exclusively for several months. That initial spark of attraction and friendship, coupled with intimate, flirty chat, and highly-charged meetups, built a great foundation for a love that deepened over time. While both are generous of wealth and spirit, this is by no means a rarity on Millionaire-Match, and that generosity with money, by the man, and generosity of spirit of the woman are what most lead to happiness in the...

#2 Sugar Daddy Dating Site – SugarDaddyMeet

As far as millionaire dating sites go, SugarDaddyMeet is highly recommended by us both as a great place for any daddy or baby seeking to enjoy several casual dates, while keeping things purely about mutual satisfaction. Both men and women on Sugardaddymeet create profiles which leave no doubt as to what they seek, and expect in return and this level of transparency is both incredibly refreshing and leaves no ambiguity. When money isn’t an issue, couples can devote their explorations to pleasure, and when you seek to date a sugar daddy here, you can be sure that dates will take place at some of the most amazing locations that only class and wealth can afford to indulge, from luxurious restaurants, to theatres, ballet, world-class hotels, and if the woman does not have the jewellery or clothing to quite “fit in”, the men are only too happy to provide it. If you love luxury, serious flirtation and honing your sexual skills then you’ll find a pleasing array of willing partners here. Soraya worked on learning what was expected of her in her role as a sugar baby, and enjoyed courting...

#3 Sugar Daddy Dating Site – WealthyMen

As Soraya says this is “..an outstanding sugar daddy site if you want to find a daddy with staying power”. WealthyMen.com is a fantastic go-to for any sugar baby who wants a little more security, as here she can meet wealthy men who are looking for a little more continuity, more regular meetups, and a girl they can enjoy spoiling as an ongoing arrangement. Soraya enjoyed relationships with two wonderful men she met here, who took care of her in ways such as paying for a lovely apartment for her so she could enjoy not having to share with a roommate, affording her the chance to go to college without falling into debt, and allowing her to benefit from spa and gym membership so she could take care of her looks as well as her future education.. something many other young women have to choose between! WealthyMen stressed the classy aspects of sugar daddy dating, and Soraya credits this with helping her become the well-rounded and educated young woman she is, with a healthy amount of self-respect that she feels she would have not gained dating within her age...